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Apache 2.4 IP-ACL for ELB (also any other Proxy/LB)

Apache HTTPD

As you all know, we use the ‘X-Forwarded-For’ header to determine the IP of client when the HTTPD is behind the ELB (or other Proxy/LB). However it is very difficult to set the IP-ACL in Apache configuration files common to the cases with and without LB. (due to the Apache environment variables) So I have been operating under this settings for some services.

If you see “syntax error, unexpected $end”, just remove queotes of expressions. This is a bug of apache httpd.

Install nginx + php-fpm on openSUSE

1. Download and install packages

2. Configure php-fpm

3. Configure php-fpm

4. Configure nginx for reverse proxy

5. Restart service

♦ ulimit for open files

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